About Grillz

Grillz.net has single handedly changed the way people today wear gold teeth. Known as “The gold teeth to the stars”, Grillz.net created eccentric jeweled pieces that accessorized and defined that lifestyles of popular Hip Hop stars today. Bes known for popularizing diamond encrusted mouth pieces referred to as “Grillz”, Grillz.net has sold the renowned grillz to millions of people.

Grillz.net is the world’s leading producer of removable gold teeth. Our gold teeth has been growing demand for past 21 years our special team has been dedicated for years in designing and producing the finest quality of gold teeth. Grillz.net was first started in New York City by jewelry enthusiasts and the company grew to other locations like Atlanta. Until recently we were suppliers for most of retail establishment, but now we would like to offer our finest gold teeth to the public at lower prices and faster turnaround time.

Grillz.net takes this participation to a new level as a rich exciting interactive destination. When you’re transported into the world of Grillz.net, you can shop for great products on your home; learn about Hip Hop style and culture. Grillz.net lives by this quote “There is no limit” because it expresses our hard working nature to satisfy every customer.